Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Jack and Kyler decided that they could climb on and off the couch easier and faster if the cushion was removed. This is them enjoying their new found glory. It is the little things in life. As I type this Kyler is giggling while watching Tigger bounce on tv. They are getting so big and so mischevious. Last night I was washing dishes at the sink and stepped back onto Kyler's train that he was pushing around the kitchen island. He started whining and I asked him what happened and he grabbed my hand and put it on his foot. Evidently I had kicked the train into his foot. It was a cute moment. Jack has decided that he loves crayons. He will color a little, but mostly it is fun to dump them out of the box and put them all back. Hey, as long as they clean up their mess!!


Sarah said...

Your boys are so darling! I can't believe how big they are getting. Where does the time go?

amber peterson said...

Cute boys! That is cute that Jack loves crayons and picks them up too. Allie ate them, not good.