Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Holidays

Okay, so the boys got tricycles for Christmas, which they absolutely LOVE. So, here is Jack watching tv upside down while on his trike. Classic Jack, ladies and gentlemen!
Next, we have the binky kid on his trike. I swear, Kyler rarely ever has a binky, but when the camera comes out, the binky goes in...
Who are those debonair young chaps with the balloons you ask? None other than the lady killers, Jack and Kyler. Grandma got them these suits, but they are so skinny that the pants didn't fit so we opted for jeans instead.
Lastly, Santa. Kyler crawled right up to Santa and sat down without any fear. Jack was fine too, of course, because he had his three security blankets (I mean security cars) with him!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Thieves!

So, we finally got our tree up at the beginning of the month and I tried to put all of the "good" ornaments towards the top of the tree. I had no idea these guys were so tall. Seriously. So much for that idea. They are getting used to it now, though, thank goodness. We are so excited for Santa to come this year. Jack and Kyler have their lists ready...