Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Day of School!

Jack and Kyler's last day of preschool was today! I can't believe it! They had a final assembly where the classes got up and sang a few songs and then had a virtual scrapbook of pictures for parents to see. It was sooooo cute. Jack tried to sing and do the movements and Kyler was hilarious! He was singing so loud and clapping at the end of each song. He motivated the parents to start clapping at one point! We can't wait for school to start again in August!

Phoenix Zoo

We finally took the boys to the zoo a week ago and they loved it. Kyler liked seeing the petting zoo, but not actually touching any animals. Jack wanted nothing to do with it. They loved watching the giraffes, tigers, elephants and lions from afar. The carousel is always such a fun attraction, too!