Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The boy in the Spiderman pajama shirt

If you happen to see my amazing, talented, brave, autistic son Jack wearing his Spiderman pajama shirt everywhere he goes, don't worry.  I am aware.  I am aware that he wears it everyday.  I am aware that he wears it in every picture.  I am aware that there are certain social situations that it may not be appropriate to wear a pajama shirt... like church.  I am aware that it is faded and looking worse for the wear.

Guess what... I don't care.

My sweet boy gets up every morning and lives a life that no one else can understand.  He goes to school everyday and his amazing teacher MAKES. HIM. WORK.  He doesn't get to sit in the back and write notes to his friends.  He doesn't get to hang out with friends at lunch and recess.  He has to work at making eye contact and initiating play with others when he is at lunch. He has to play with multiple objects of differing textures to become adaptable when he is at recess.

He comes home from a grueling day at school and then goes to speech therapy and occupational therapy where he has to WORK HARD for an hour two days a week.  Then, he gets to be followed around by a habilitation worker for another hour a day three days a week.

If he LOVES that stupid, faded, stained shirt and it makes him feel good, I say LET. THE. KID. WEAR. IT. It doesn't seem to be offending anyone.  If this one thing in life makes him happy, you'd better believe I will make sure that it is washed and sewn and ready for when he opens his little mouth and says, "Spy-er-man?" I will have it ready for him.

I am so grateful for my amazing family and friends and those who say, "I love the shirt!"  Thank you for your support!

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Muche said...

Love love that post! I'd wear Spiderman pj's every day if I could too, you're dang right!