Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I got tagged

Okay, so my mom tagged me on her blog and I have to list 10 things that no one knows about me, so here goes...

1. I wish I could go back in time and meet my Mom's grandfather on her Mom's side. I feel this really weird bond to him and think of him often.
2. I like to dance to 80's music with Jack and Kyler when no one else is around.
3. I miss everything about living in Georgia.
4. I think it is the cutest thing when Kyler has a tantrum and throws himself on the floor. I laugh so hard and hug him.
5. I have an unsatiable appetite for Diet Cherry Coke.
6. I LOVE to run and walk and jog and lift weights and any kind of exercise.
7. My favorite fast food is McDonald's.
8. I remember everything, especially if it isn't important.
9. I love so many people in my life that probably don't know it.
10. I am grateful for every second that I have with Pepe, Jack and Kyler.

Okay, I did it. Some things you probably knew, but that's the best I could do. You try!!


someplace in thyme said...

Surprised? Now I know you read my blog, love ya, mom

athermalm said...

I definitely could have called the McDonalds answer!

amber peterson said...

So fun, good things to know about you. Some I might have guessed and others not. I know, I think these type of things are hard! :) Another reason why I don't have a blog.